Beginning in early 2024, Storage & Transfer Technologies, Inc. will become Carmeuse Systems.
A History of Excellence & Partnership
Storage & Transfer Technologies, Inc. and Carmeuse have a long history of working together to provide a full array of services and expertise to lime and limestone customers across North America. 

In 2017, Carmeuse acquired STT Enviro Corp (later renamed Storage & Transfer Technologies, Inc.). and since that day, Carmeuse has invested in the success of STT as a wholly owned subsidiary. Both companies worked tirelessly together to link services and offerings, to expand the knowledge and expertise of lime and limestone in every facet of its use across various markets such as mining, water treatment, and steelmaking. 

The sharing of ideas, knowledge, and expertise across both companies created a dynamic of excellence in the lime and limestone space. Our two companies could now provide customers with resources to optimize everything from the raw material used in any application, to the lime handling systems and equipment.

In 2024, Storage & Transfer Technologies, Inc. will officially integrate into Carmeuse in name by becoming Carmeuse Systems. This change symbolizes a critical final step in the integration of our knowledge and expertise under the Carmeuse name. 
Unique End-2-End Customer Support
In 2021, Carmeuse officially launched our End-2-End Services offering. This offering combines several key attributes of the use of lime and limestone, including:

  • Lime and Limestone Sourcing
  • Freight and Logistics Support
  • Lime Handling Expertise
  • Lime System Engineering
  • Lime System Enhancements, Upgrades, and Replacements
Through our, End-2-End Services, Carmeuse serves as a unique resource to customers, making the use of lime or limestone simple and providing peace-of-mind. Our experts can understand and address any issue or query, from the appropriate raw materials to use, to ensuring your lime handling system runs as efficiently as possible. 

For more information about our End-2-End Services, view our brochure.
About Carmeuse
Carmeuse is a leading name in lime, but the value to our customers stretches much further when we combine the expertise of Carmeuse and our family of companies. With our holistic approach in supporting customers, Carmeuse is uniquely suited to provide end-to-end support for lime and limestone products. From the mines and quarries where we produce our products, to the very point of application in your process, and everything in between, we minimize headaches for customers by servicing all your needs within one company. Carmeuse is one of the only companies that is able to support customers from End-2-End when it comes to their use of lime. We are your complete solutions provider. For more information about Carmeuse, visit our website.
What's Next?
In early 2024, customers will begin to see Storage & Transfer Technologies, Inc. being replaced by Carmeuse Systems across all aspects of our business. From our website, to literature, and beyond the Carmeuse name will become synonymous with lime and lime handling expertise.

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